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Advanced TechMBA in

Technological MBA, Business, Engineering & Innovation

DATE: September 24 to November 26, 2022 (10 Weekends) Saturdays Only
Saturdays: (10am – 1pm)
Venue:  Virtual Live Stream-Zoom
Fee:  N75,000 or 150 dollars
Fee coves Certificates, Training materials, recorded videos and Excel Templates. 
Registration: To register in advance, make payment to
Ornament Training Centre
Acct. No: 1017161016
Bank: Zenith Bank
and send payment details to 08140439427 on WhatsApp. You will then be added to the WhatsApp Group.

The training link and materials will be shared a week to the start of the program. 

Engineering and other allied technological professionals find it difficult to easily integrate in the business world. The reason being that they are not exposed to business realm. They are vertical T-shape professionals and therefore lack the requisite business skills to navigate the dynamic business world. That is the major reasons many are trapped unemployed when jobs are not available.  The idea of this technological MBA (TechMBA) is to introduce them to business engineering innovation which integrate business, engineering and innovation together.  Business engineering is a technique in which traditional engineering principles are applied to the business world for innovation purposes. A business innovation engineer is a horizontal T-Shape interdisciplinary manager who guides companies from a quantitative and managerial point of view in order to grow a business from startup to unicorn. To this end, managerial and analytical skills are combined with a profound understanding of how business and (technological) innovation processes work. This training is for all engineers and other allied professionals. 

1. Business Engineering
Introduction to business engineering
The roles of a business engineer
Why business engineering is important
Horizontal and Vertical T-Shape engineers
Bringing engineering, innovation and business

2. Business Analysis and Intelligence
Business ideation and critical thinking
Identification of business needs/frictions
Development of business case
Business Lifecyle assessments
Development of business plan
Pitching your business plan
Advocacy and policy brief
Introduction to business intelligence and analytics

3. Business Investment Appraisals and Financing
Introduction to business investment appraisals
Determination of appraisal ratios (PV, FV, NPV, IRR, CBR, ROI, SPBP)
Introduction to business accounting
Introduction to business financing
Sources of business financing
Capital structuring (Debt and Equity financing)
Financial ratios
Sources of cashflows to companies (Operation, Financing and Investment)

4. Business Product and Process Management
Business product development
Business Modeling and structuring
Business change management
Business cost management
Business Risk management
Business stakeholder management
Business time management
Business quality and procurement management
Business legal structures

5. Entrepreneurship Strategy & Management
Introduction to entrepreneurship
Invention, innovation, prototype and proof of concept
The entrepreneurship Curve and why it is important
Strategy, value, competitive advantage
Vision, mission, core value and goals
Visionaries, SpaceX
Business growth and transformation
Design thinking
Innovate in digital era with ICT tools
Sustainable entrepreneurship
Agile concepts and framework

6. Business Strategies for Growth
Blue and red ocean strategies
Reach beyond the best
Humanness, confidence and creative competence
Constructing the right ocean team
Discovering an ocean of non-customers
Uncovering the hidden pain points that limit the size of your business
Reconstructing market boundaries
Developing alternatives blue ocean opportunities
Finalizing and launching your blue ocean move

7. Digital Product Marketing and Digital Service Marketing
Identifying your customers
Market survey and mapping (orientation, Mix, environment)
Fundamentals of digital marketing
Digital marketing strategy
Digital marketing implementation
Meeting customers satisfactions
Product branding
Advertising and social media

8. Business Leadership and Management
Different between leadership and management
Leading yourself and others
Cultivating strong leadership presence
Effective decision making in a complex environment
Lead with strategic business analysis tools and resources
Consulting skills for leaders within organizations
Emotional intelligence
Productivity skills and tools for managers

9. Business Performance and Accountability Reporting
Introduction to business performance and accountability
Improve corporate cultures and boost performance
Performance accountability reporting
Business KPI/KBI

10. Build Strong Business Network and Grow to Unicorn
Building strong business networking
Business to Business (B2B)
Business to Consumers (B2C)
Business to Business to Consumers (B2B2C) Model
Remain strong and grow to Unicorn

11. Technology and Innovation
Definition of innovation
Corporate innovation system
Innovation culture
Organization of innovation
Front end innovation
Technology development and management and Program Director

To Register pay into
Ornament Training Centre
Acct. No: 1017161016
Bank: Zenith Bank

 Send details of payment via WhatsApp to 08140439427

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