Water  Storage  and Distribution

Wasser & Bau constructs Boreholes, Dams and installs steel tanks as well as treatment equipment for water treatment plants of different kinds, types and sizes. We undertakes  post commissioning maintenance of all type of water projects, we also carry work over services like Leaking locating, Zone isolation, Deepings, rehabilitation, redevelopment and cleaning of water wells.

Water Treatment

Water treatment plants are necessary cases where good water bearing zones are not encountered, we install water treatment plant in such location which includes aeration tanks, filtration vessel, UV light bacteria eliminator, and these can be both electrically of solar power depending on client’s choice of preference.

Special Well Drilling Services

Our Company  also drill special wells for different purpose, such as monitoring underground facilities like casing pipes underground storage facilities, heating or cooling exchange well, Recharge and recovery wells etc.

Erosion Management Services

From our origins as  an erosion control contractor in Nigeria over 5 years ago, We has grown to serve all of South-East and South-South of Nigeria and several surrounding states with a full range of environmental site solutions.

We are now a turn-key provider of environmental services from erosion control to site beautification.

Our service fall into these categories:

Water Engineering/Treatment

  • Borehole drilling and distribution
  • Water treatment
  • Procurement & installation of recycling plant


  • Dams Inventory
  • Watershed Hydrology
  • Sitting of Dams
  • Spillway Hydrology + Design
  • Foundation Investigations
  • Geophysical + Siesemic Mapping, Sedimentation Studies
  • Underwater Investigation
  • Construction of Hydro & Thermal Water plants
  • Safety Inspection
  • Dam instrumentation, Installation + Monitoring
  • Reservoir Rims Surveys
  • Dam Design
  • Environment Impact Assessment
  • Dam Break Simulation – Inundation Studies
  • Water Quality Studies

Erosion Control – Standard Services

  • Silt Fence
  • Tree Protection Fence
    • Hydroseeding
    • Permanent and Temporary grassing
    • Inlet Protection
    • Construction Entrances

Erosion Control – Specialty Materials

  • Tree planting
    • Polymer Application
    • Coconut Waddles & Matting
    • Silt Saver Domes & Covers
    • Special Mix Grasses
  • Solid Waste disposal

Sewage Disposal Services

  • Design and Build Services
  • Sewage disposal
  • Biological treatment
  • Incineration services
  • Water infrastructures
  • Civil and Mechanical Support
  • General Evacuation

Waste and Water Treatment

  • Water` Management
  • Water Treatment
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Rural Water supply schemes

GIS Mapping of Erosion Sites

  • Erosion Sites Mapping
  • Digital Elevation Modeling (DEM)
  • Road network analysis
  • Watershed management
  • Grid based models for erosion and distance
  • Data integration for Land Use planning for highways and railways
  • Geoprocessing and Georeferencing of Neighborhood Area
  • Spatial Analysis of Soil Erosion

Examples of area we have applied GIS

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Monitoring Erosion Sites
  • Modeling storm water runoff
  • Management of watersheds, floodplains, wetlands, forests, aquifers
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Civil Engineering/Utility
  • Locating underground facilities
  • Designing alignment for freeways, transit
  • Coordination of infrastructure maintenance
  • Engineering construction
  • Water distribution analysis
  • Traffic management analysis
  • Soil analysis
  • Site feasibility analysis
  • Environment impact analysis

Why use our GIS solutions?

  • improves/enhances the effects
  •  of physical/environmental growth
  • better management of resources
  • adding new value-added services
  • perform analysis on spatial and non spatial components
  • fast recall of data
  • ability for complex analysis
  • recalling of non spatial data through object location
  • display of information in a different light/view
  • multiple scenario in planning can be performed easily

Erosion and Flooding

  • Evaluation of Watershed Management and Erosion problems
  • Assessment of  Land Use Practices
  • Prediction of erosion and Sedimentation Trends
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Design of Control Measures
  • Watershed Management studies
  • Resettlement Investigations