One of the major challenges facing Nigerian engineers is lack of capacity building.
With the right training and exposure to international standard, Nigerian engineers will perform above their contemporary all over the world.
With training materials from some of the best International Masters programmes in Infrastructure Planning and Water Resources Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Wasser and Bau plans to build the capacity of the next generation of engineers with bias for water infrastructure (water, sewage, stormwater, road). This training will be conducted online every Saturday but with real-time support via WhatsApp and emails.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to plan design, model and simulate water, sewer, sand road infrastructure. Focus will also be on the practical software application.
Participants will be introduced to the various software such as:
EPANET – For Water Network Modelling and Simulation.
SWMM – For Stormwater and Sewer Network Modelling.
CIVIL 3D – For Roads, Highway and Railway Modelling.
EXCEL – Base Software, For Numerous Engineering Analysis Work.
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NOTE: Wasser and Bau have been organizing this training on water, sewage and road as separate modules in the last 3 years with more than 1000 engineers already trained. Now, we have made it both flexible, simple, and compact into an online session every weekend to give every engineer the opportunity to participate