Technical and professional excellence

We motivate and reward our staff and contractors to perform to their full potential. All staff and contractors know how their task and targets fit into the company’s overall strategy. Wasser & Bau encourages staff to take additional responsibilities, thereby maximising their job satisfaction and values to the company. The goal is to develop individuals capable of handling every task within the company.

Health, Safety and Environment.

We are committed to protecting the environment and ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for its staff and contractors at work sites. The company believes that through implementation of sound management principle, all accidents, injuries and environmental incidents are prevented.

Business Ethics

Wasser & Bau believes in honesty, integrity and trust in all aspect of its operations


The company recognises that in view of the scale of its operations in the construction industry, open partnership is essential. To this end, we have good partnership with other firms in the industry through which it provides her client optimum satisfaction.

Our Employees

Our company was establish and managed by highly experienced personals, with international experience in construction industry. Our quest for excellence never ends. Attention to detail is evident in all our activities. Each member of our organization recognizes of the ultimate importance of sustained customer satisfaction. Each employee strives to ensure the quality and value of all our products and services. A team of regional technical support engineers tracks jobs from the date of entry at the head office until completion.  All challenges are quickly and efficiently addressed to prevent delay in removal of waste and sewage.

Why Choose Wasser & Bau?

  • Global presence and local service
  • Reliable environmental services
  • Attention to detail  and consistency
  • Over 8 years of experience
  • Availability of technical staffs
  • Capacity building and training
  • Continuous solid waste management
  • Stringent quality systems